Single-Premium Immediate Annuity

Don’t let the unexpected sneak up on you. Make sure your loved ones are prepared. 

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Single-Premium Immediate Annuity

From insurance proceeds to retirement payouts, a single premium immediate annuity can turn a lump sum of money into a predictable stream of income.

Keep More of What You Make

You can make your tax liability more manageable by spreading your income over time. 


Structure your payments by choosing the amount you want to receive and for how long

Access Your Money

If you unexpectedly need cash, there are options that may help suit your needs (subject to taxes and surrender charges)

Other Insurances

Disability Insurance

Are you covered in the case of injury? Can you replace your income if you were to be injured? If you answered no, contact us to learn more. 

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance helps your family to be able to pay off your home if something were to happen to you. Contact us to learn more. 

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is one of those things that every family needs. We can help from preventive care to hospital care to vision, even dental. Contact us to learn more. 

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